Church Family Time

a time to fellowship and grow as a church family


Church Family Time is an opportunity for the Georgia VT United Methodist Church to gather for a time of fellowship as a church family. We are currently watching The Chosen, a TV show about the ministry of Jesus and the disciples.

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The Chosen Christmas

The Shepherd

After struggling to bring a lamb acceptable for sacrifice to Bethlehem, a shepherd hears the angelic announcement and is witness to the birth of the Lamb of God.

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The Messengers

Experience the first Christmas through the eyes of Mary and Joseph. Follow the young couple as they take the long road to Bethlehem and prepare for Jesus' birth.

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The Chosen Season 1

Episode 1: I Have Called You By Name

Two brothers struggle with their tax debts to Rome while a woman in the Red Quarter wrestles with her demons.

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Episode 2: Shabbat

Matthew validates Simon's claims with Praetor Quintus, Nicodemus investigates the miracle reported in the Red Quarter, and Mary receives surprise guests at her Shabbat dinner.

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Episode 3: Jesus Loves The Little Children

Jesus befriends and teaches the group of children who discover His camp on the outskirts of Capernaum.

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Episode 4: The Rock On Which It Is Built

With his life and family under threat from Rome, Simon spends one last night fishing in a desperate attempt to square his debts. Andrew spots a familiar face waiting for them on the shores of Galilee.

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Episode 5: The Wedding Gift

Nicodemus interrogates John the Baptizer while Jesus and his students make their way to a wedding celebration in Cana. When the wine runs low, Mary asks her son to intervene on behalf of the bridegroom's family.

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Episode 6: Indescribable Compassion

After witnessing the healing of a leper on the road to Capernaum, a woman forces her paralytic friend through the crowd to meet Jesus.

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Episode 7: Invitations

Matthew struggles to reconcile the miracles he has witnessed with reality. Nicodemus meets with Jesus by night.

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Episode 8: I Am He

Jesus and His students complete their preparations and leave Capernaum for Samaria. Jesus meets with a suffering woman at Jacob's Well and announces that He is the Messiah.

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